I am a Cardiff based photographer who has taken much enjoyment from photography for almost 25 years. My dad introduced me to photography and gave me my first camera, a Pentax Spotmatic and three lenses, a 28mm, a 50mm and a 135mm.

He taught me the basics and how to use handheld light meters.
I studied Photography in School from 1991-93 and gained a GCSE and did a 2 year A-Level course in 12 months and had my work exhibited in London for 3 months.

I joined the local camera club in my hometown of Barry and won many trophys for my Black & White and colour transparency work. I had one of my photographs of Snowdonia win an award and was exhibited in the Welsh Salon of Photography in Brecon.

During my time in School I started working for the local camera shop by copying old photographs and printing them by hand in the darkroom.
I went on to work for Jessops the camera shop and gained huge knowledge of the photgraphic trade.

After I finished school I went to work for my local camera shop full time and opened up and ran a shop for them in Cardiff, I spent 12 years running Konica mini labs printing several million photographs for both amateur and professional photographers all over South Wales. I began taking photographs professionally for clients and some of my customers and photographed several dozen weddings and functions.

Even though I left the camera shop after it changed hands and the economic downturn took its toll and the shop sadly closed I still continue to photograph weddings and sell my own images all over the country and indeed as far as the USA.

In 2013 I happily rejoined the photographic trade full time by working for the local professional photograhic lab and am involved in school photography.

You will rarely see me without a camera.